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Starting with a two-room tenement for their care in 1988, treating few destitutes at a time, a separate psychiatric institution was established in 1997 at Dahisar in Mumbai from the proceeds of an art exhibition of leading Indian artists, as well as the contributions of various donors. It had a capacity of 20 beds with appropriate infrastructure and recognition from the Government of India.

mentally-ill roadside destitutes

However, not all was easy going and the residents of Dahisar resisted and took Shraddha to court for picking up “roadside, psychiatrically disturbing elements” that they perceived threatened their families with a bad influence. In a landmark judgment, the much-abused section of society found its lawful place under the sun. “The mentally–ill, roadside destitutes”…, emphasized the Mumbai High Court , “are as much entitled to medical help as any physically indisposed person”.

Mental Rehabilitation Center
Finally in 2006 a separate facility of 6.5 acres was established on the outskirts of Mumbai on the undulating grassy knolls of Karjat that presently services 100 patients and can be scaled to 120 patients. Over 7000 mentally-ill roadside destitutes have been assisted off the roads, treated, rehabilitated and reunited with their families in far flung villages and towns of States such as Tamilnadu, Kerala, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh, and Assam. More specifically, after the initiation of the karjat project in 2006, 4528 mentally ill roadside destitutes have been reunited with their families.

Most of the funding has came from private donors, sponsored events, and the corporate sector. Relationship building with the village panchayats and the community at large has built trust and awareness. The board of trustees and others have provided oversight of administration evolved over the years. The staff which includes psychiatrists, medical officers, psychiatric social workers and others have developed mechanisms for treatment, rehabilitation and reunion.

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