NGO for wandering insane NGO for homeless mentally disabled  

A) By sponsoring food for one patient (Rs. 2,000/-)

B) By sponsoring medicines and blood investigations for one patient for the entire stay and upon reunion (Rs. 3,300/-)

C) By sponsoring the expenses per patient in the reunion trip when taken to their original families in the remotest village of India (Rs. 4,500/-)

D) By contributing to infrastructural maintenance expenses per patient per year (Rs. 2,800/-)

E) By contributing to staff salary expenses per patient per year (Rs. 8,300/-)

F) By sponsoring one patient from the beginning pickup, all the way through the improvement in the center, till his/her final reunion with his/her family in native village anywhere in India ( Rs.20,900/- )

G) By actually purchasing the materials required such as rice, dal, wheat, oil, sugar, tea leaves, biscuits, bread, medicines and sending them over to the Karjat center on a weekly / monthly basis.

H) Contribute to the treatment and rehabilitation of 5-6 mentally ill roadside destitute     in your city from the point of pickup to the point of reunion by donating Rs. 20,900/-
    per destitute in addition to the actual costs of sending our ambulance along with
    our professional social worker team to your city for the pickups. In this process,
    we would appreciate your personal involvement from beginning to end.

I) Project Proposal

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Budget Projections For The Next Three Years
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