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Names & States have been changed to protect identities

   Revallamma (Andhra Pradesh)
Revallamma was a 35 year old lady who was picked up from Mumbai’s streets and brought to Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation. She was laughing, muttering to herself and displayed classic symptoms of mental illness. Within six short weeks of nursing and psychiatric care and treatment, she improved radically and informed the doctors, the name of her native village, which was about 200 kilometers away from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. Drs. Bharat and Smitha themselves escorted her back home and the picture herein shows a happy reunion with her mother, after 4 long years of separation and despair. All the people in the village gathered and were extremely happy at Revallamma’s return.

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   Asha (Mumbai)
Asha was found wandering around the streets of Mumbai. When she was brought by Shraddha’s team from the streets, she was not a pretty sight to behold. The tight petticoat she was wearing had cut into her flesh. She had lice, ulcers, bruises and festering wounds on her body. Suffering from Schizophrenia, she truly believed she was a boy and behaved as one. After many months of treatment, she began responding and getting better. As she began coming back to normal psychiatrically, expert questioning and probing by Shraddha’s trained staff, led to her family being traced, which led to a extremely happy reunion. Asha is quite well today, and still comes to the Foundation occasionally for maintenance therapy.

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   Ashok (Gujarat)
Picked up by SRF’s workers from Mumbai’s suburban streets, Ashok was successfully treated and happily reunited with his parents in Gujarat. SRF sent a team to reunite him with his family. The family was ecstatic to have him back and SRF’s workers returned with tears of joy after the reunion.


   Rajeev (Bihar)
Picked up by SRF’s workers, Rajeev was successfully treated and happily reunited with his parents in Bihar. Rajeev’s father came down to pick him up upon hearing from Shraddha. Rajeev had been given up for dead by his family, after all efforts to trace him had failed over months.


  Rajendra (Jharkhand)
The photograph on the left shows Rajendra in a state of mental excitement at the time he was picked up from the streets by the social workers of SRF. The social workers diagnosed Rajendra’s condition to be Schizophrenia, which is typical of the mental illness that most roadside destitutes picked up by Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation, are afflicted with. He was immediately admitted to the Foundation’s hospital and treatment commenced. The photograph on the right shows Rajendra after one month of treatment at Shraddha. The dramatic improvement and probing by Shraddha’s teams revealed that he was from a village in Madhya Pradesh where his father was a farmer and his brother was apparently a military officer. Upon being contacted by Shraddha, Rajendra’s relatives were thrilled and immediately came down to Mumbai to take him back. They had been desperately seeking him everywhere for over two years and had all but given up hope of ever finding him alive.


  john (Assam)  

  Akbar (Kashmir)  

  Deepali (Maharashtra)  

  Sangita (West Bengal)  

  Anjali (Uttar Pradesh)  

   Mahesh (Haryana)  

.. Priya (Chhatisgarh)  

  Venkat (Kerala)  

  Subhash (Gujarat)

  Sunil (Maharashtra)


  Pappu (Punjab)


   Santosh (Tamil Nadu)


  Sanjay (Orissa)


  Mudassir (West Bengal)


  Sushila (Maharashtra)

  Anil (Rajasthan)

  Mukesh (Karnataka)


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