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mentally ill roadside destitutes

We have often been asked, over the past few years, as to why do we do all this? There are thousands of destitutes out there on the streets, wandering insane, and will treating a few make any difference? How long can we cope with the requirements of food, clothing, medicines, shelter, and the difficulties involved in reaching the patient to his native place?


Would our work & our efforts really matter & create that much needed change in the attitude of society towards mental illness?

These are soul searching questions to which we do not have sure answers. Being human, we are incomplete, imperfect and fallible.

But we believed when we started all this, and we believe even today, that if there exists one category of road-side destitute which needs help, it is the mentally insane; their agony is wrought on their mud-caked faces, their story written on their tangled hair, their plea reflected from the fear in their eyes, their misery in the nakedness of their being. Blazing heat, torrential rains and chilly winters see them through, year in & year out,

roadside destitutes

And the searing starkness of their existence pounded on us to reach out for them, which we did, which we have & which we will.

How significant are the numbers we have reached out & helped, we know not but our work & our efforts will continue irrespective of the odds.

To us it matters not whether the mark that we leave behind is delible or indelible, or whether we leave behind a mark at all; what matters is our commitment to the plight and the cause of the mentally ill destitute, which our work embodies;

A commitment which will remain, infinitely, eternally and unto the end,

…… until death or our destinies do us and the mentally insane man on the street apart….



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