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Through our newsletter we keep sharing with you the encouragement which we receive from time to time, as well as the stories of a few of our patients.

 Hands-on Corporate Emotional Involvement

A good news that we wish to share is our association with a corporate company called Valuelabs in Hyderabad, whose CEO upon seeing many mentally afflicted destitutes on the streets of Hyderabad, was visibly moved, looked us up on the Internet website, got in touch with us and sponsored the entire trip of our team in our ambulance to Hyderabad.

He had his staff assist us in picking up of the destitutes, follow up on their improvement, visit our Karjat centre and finally help us reunite the recovered patients in Andhra Pradesh and in other states. Sponsoring us all the way through.

All in all a brilliant hands-on involvement.

We feel really charged up with such interactions and literally feel that we have opened up a satellite centre of our activities in Hyderabad.

We have since then undertaken over 20 trips to Hyderabad and picked up, treated and rehabilitated over 200 mentally ill destitutes from Hyderabad itself. All costs borne by Valuelabs itself. And are about to setup a full fledged rehabilitation centre in association with them in Hyderabad.

   Sheru Mistry's Personal Thoughts

Shraddha’s mission, in spirit, resembles that of Mother Teresa’s. From the time a mentally-ill destitute is picked up from the streets, till his/her reunion with their families- (who may be spread anywhere across the length and breadth of India) – not a single rupee is charged. It is ENTIRELY FREE. Those rare ones refused by their families after cure become permanent inmates of Shraddha. Despite agonizing and time consuming efforts, those rare ones become family-orphaned for life. To such as these Shraddha becomes a “caring home” for life. They will live here frugally, but cared for in Shraddha’s sheltering walls. At times Shraddha feels the last rupee will soon be over, but its vision and commitment never wavers. OF FREE TREATMENT. Of reintegrating lost lives into the productive mainstream of life. And God always comes to the rescue of Shraddha at the last moment with last minute donations. The mission goes on and on. With courage within, and God overhead. This rarity of concept and the sincerity with which it is practiced by Founders Drs. Smitha and Bharat vatwani completely won me over. For fifteen years, I searched for a rare, one of its kind project. I found it at last, in Shraddha. I visited Karjat many times. Interacted with patients. Admired the dedication of its staff. And the rarity of its founders.

I knew beyond doubt this was the unique project I had been searching for fifteen years. It would fulfill the lifelong dream of my mother – a project worthy of the waiting and matching her pure and noble vision. I financed two entire units humbly for Shraddha. It is my privilege to have done so. One units is in fulfillment of my mother’s life’s dream of serving the poorest of the poor. The other is my tribute to my sterling and precious father whose contribution to my life is low key and immense. I am not a corporate nor a member of any Club / Association. I have limited financial funds collected over a lifetime of services and personal thrift. But I am proud to hand over a huge portion of my meager finances to Shraddha. As I said, it is my privilege to do so. I humbly suggest to anyone who comes across this appeal to contribute, big or small, to this rare and worthy project. Every donation will be immensely appreciated. It will be received gratefully and utilized completely for these Children Of a Lesser God.

To end, I would like to share my thoughts in verse:

No effort is ever lost,
Every wavelet on the ocean tossed,
Aids in the ebb tide or the flow,
Every kindness,
Lessens human woe.

 Other Emotional Milestones

A male patient from Orrisa was rescued and reunited with his lost family after having spent 16 long years on the road. His parents and other relatives could not recognize him for a while.

A male patient of Pune after missing for 4 years was reunited and as an expression of gratitude the patient’s family donated an ambulance to the institution in 2007.

A male patient was reunited in Uttar Pradesh on the day of his sister’s marriage, after missing for almost 4 years.

In the course of the journey Shraddha rescued 3 females with children from the street successfully reuniting two of them in Haryana and Maharashtra respectively. Due to the inability to locate the third family, Shraddha decided to help provide shelter for the same and the mother-child have both been shifted to a NGO dealing with such cases.

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