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Shraddha is a humane experiment, perhaps the only one of its kind in India, providing treatment, custodial care and rehabilitation to a neglected group of mentally - ill roadside destitute and reuniting them with their lost families. It is a combination approach that marries medication, innovative psychosocial intervention and occupational engagement.
Mentally ill roadside destitutes
Area of Innovative Action : Reaching the un-reached population
Sector : Health and rehabilitation of a neglected segment of community
Time Span : 1988 to present

The Context
Mental illness afflicts 5 crore Indians, and 80% of our districts run without a single psychiatrist and a ratio of 3 psychiatrists for every million population. With the Government spending less than 1% of its budget on mental health, the available services fall severely short of demand. The mentally ill patients at institutions suffer from inhuman conditions, and families with a patient face stigma and humiliation in society. Patients of Schizophrenia from both rural and urban areas without adequate treatment are unwittingly separated from families and end up as roadside destitute, unclothed, unfed & uncared. Shraddha works with these destitutes.
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 Psychiatric Care & Rehabilitation center for Mentally ill roadside destitutes & schizophrenia patients